How much does it cost?

Goodbill helps you negotiate your hospital bill, end to end. Our goal is to get you the biggest discount possible based on your unique situation.

The way that works is that we take your billing records (which we can help you get) and your medical record, put it through a certified medical coding audit to identify any errors, use our software to find any inflated charges, and then package it up into a negotiation letter that we send to the hospital on your behalf. We then follow up with the hospital on your behalf until we get a decision.

Goodbill only charges a fee if an offer is negotiated with the hospital for a patient's bill. This happens right at the end of the Goodbill process, before which a patient can walk away at no cost whatsoever. So - the process is completely risk free.

If a patient rejects a negotiation letter before negotiation or declines an offer post-negotiation, there is no fee.

If Goodbill does agree a settlement with all parties, the cost to the patient is 20% of the savings made. So, in a simple example, if the bill was $100, and Goodbill negotiated it to $50, then Goodbill charge 20% of the savings, which would be $10.  The patient keeps 80% of the savings that Goodbill finds.

The Goodbill fee is capped at $1000, so for larger bills, that is the maximum charge possible.